Registering a domain name is an activity that involves the conversion of a unique domain name into an IP address on the World Wide Web. It is the Domain Name System’s (DNS) responsibility to handle these activities by working with official domain name registrars.

Those who are interested in entering the world of online business and eCommerce should know that domain name registration is the initial step that they should take on this journey. After all, the domain name you choose will help people locate your website easily and get in touch with you. In case you are thinking about purchasing and setting up a domain name, you should analyze the important factors involved in this process.

Country domain extension

Every domain name, be it for a business, organization or individual, comes with a certain extension/suffix. Some of the most commonly used extensions are .com, .net, .org, .us etc. Obviously, extensions like .net and .com are not related to any location. This makes it a little bit difficult for search engines to rank the website based on searches that come from specific locations. If you are focused on targeting audience that comes from a specific country, then you should definitely consider using country domain extension. The country domain is crucial because a website server situated in a specific country that is also hosting a site that is trying to get visitors located in a different region will need a longer response. On the other hand, if the site is hosted on a local web server, everything will go much faster. So, the location of the web host and the country domain are important for the performance of your website. Think about these things before you choose a domain name and extension.

The domain name itself

In order to get the best domain name, you will have to conduct online research on the industry or topic your website is focused on. Don’t forget that your website’s domain name can include the keyword you are targeting. This means that you can improve your search engine optimization from the beginning.

The commercial value of the domain name

Think about the domain name you like. Is it easy to market it? Can you sell the domain name? Is it easy to read and pronounce? Does it reflect your business offer? Answer all these questions before making a final decision.